Media and Telecom Sales Specialist

  • Location: Eastern Europe / Prague
  • Sector: Content and Media
  • Job Title: Sales Manager
  • Service Provided: Specialist Recruitment via our TARGET model
  • Shortlist timeframe: 2 weeks, 9 candidates submitted for interview
  • Project brief to closure: 7 weeks to close

Media and Telecom Sales Specialist

The challenge: Our client, a market leading Video Cloud Platform were rapidly growing and in desperate need for an outstanding Sales Manager to work in Easter Europe. This person had to be a well-connected natural hunter, with a proven track record for meeting and exceeding revenue goals, had previously sold to the Telcos and Media companies.

Our solution: We knew that the right candidate had to be somebody who could aggressively lead sales in the region and deliver fast results. Therefore, they had to have a brilliant network, ideally have experience working with SaaS or Software Solutions and was able to work independently.  

Using our network in the region, we interviewed many individuals, then shortlisted 16 potential candidates. Knowing the client well, we understood the type of personality that would best suit the organisation and consequently send the top 9 candidates over to interview, where we knew there would be a natural affinity.

The outcome: After guiding the candidates through two interviews and a presentation, we narrowed it down to two individuals who were outstanding. After deciding that a final interview would help the organisation choose the right candidate, they were able to extend an offer. We were then able to guide the candidate through a complicated resignation process and secure their start date.


Speaking with the neuco team every 2/3 days meant that everybody was well informed, and we were able to keep the process moving smoothly. From a very detailed call at the beginning to understand the role fully, neuco took control of the process. Booking all interviews in and coordinating with HR and Hiring Managers. We were delighted with the candidate and look forwards to working with neuco again


If you’re hunting for a new job, Tegan is the right person to go to. I was lucky to be identified by Tegan as a potential recruit for several job offers and every time the experience was highly professional and relevant. Tegan is always very straightforward; understands the needs of people looking for new opportunities and is ready to answer your questions very quickly. And the best thing – she got me hired!

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