Pan-EMEA Project and Product Managers

  • Location: Portugal
  • Sector: Content & Media
  • Job Title: Project Manager EMEA
  • Service Provided: Multihire
  • Shortlist timeframe: 2 Weeks per role -5-8 shortlisted for each role
  • Project brief to closure: 3 Hires over 3 months

Pan-EMEA Project and Product Managers

The Challenge: This client approached us with a wide range of Product and Project Management needs for teams based across Europe. Many of these positions were urgent and had been open for some time without success and as such, shortlists of well-qualified candidates were needed imminently.

Our Solution: Using our pre-established network of mid to senior professionals in the media tech space we were able to identify a strong shortlist of Project and Product Managers across France, Spain, Portugal and the UK who were available to start quickly.

The Outcome: In just over 3 Months since the project has been running, there have now been 3 hires with a good many more in late stages, massively cutting down the pressure on the Clients Talent and HR teams from their internal hiring managers, and allowing them to reduce their backlog of open roles substantially.

“The shortlists of candidates provided have been consistently strong, we really love having candidates that we know are pre-screened and ready to put in front of our managers. We look forward to working with neuco on the remaining roles”

“My experience with neuco was fantastic, from the very beginning when I got the first call, till the end of the process. The team at neuco was really committed to making this path a success, namely being “present” in the different steps of the process and “advertising” me to my current employer. Definitely recommend neuco!”

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