A search where soft skills were just as important as technical background

  • Location: UK
  • Sector: Connectivity, Satellite & NewSpace
  • Job Title: Service Operations Senior Manager
  • Service Provided: Specialist Recruitment
  • Shortlist timeframe: 2 weeks
  • Project brief to closure: 6 weeks

Service Operations Expert

The challenge: This Senior technical role within this organisation was part of a long-term growth plan and played a critical role in the success of this business. As such, while technical skills were important some of the less tangible soft skills were of critical importance to assess and identify in prospective candidates.

Our solution: In essence, we spoke to a lot of individuals! We were very familiar with the technical needs of this person so quickly identified appropriate profiles from within our network. We then went about speaking to each of them and really understanding how well they would fit within the culture of growth at this organisation.

The outcome: After struggling with many poor applications, our client was able to close their chosen candidate 6 weeks after we took the brief. This candidate has now joined the business where she is just as happy as our client is.


We had an urgent need to hire a senior individual to help build out our operation team prior to commercial service introduction. We were working to a tight timeline and had a very strict candidate criteria so we naturally pulled in Tom and Laurie support from Neuco. The candidates matched our criteria and resulted in an excellent industry expert joining our team.


Tom is an expert in his field and an outstanding professional. He immediately demonstrated a genuine interest and talent in “connecting the unconnected”. Not only he has a deep understanding of the industry but he easily managed to build a trusted relationship despite the incertitude due to the pandemic. I definitely recommend working with Tom and the Neuco team, they’re first-class in their domain!

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