SMPTE 2110 Architect in a Hurry!

  • Location: US
  • Sector: Content & Media
  • Job Title: Senior System Architect
  • Service Provided: Specialist recruitment via our REACT model
  • Shortlist timeframe: 5 Candidates Shortlisted over 2 Weeks
  • Project brief to closure: Hire completed in 3 months

SMPTE 2110 Architect in a Hurry!

The Challenge: The client was in need of customer facing architects with highly specialised broadcast technology knowledge to improve the quality of their technical product delivery and the ability to understand their customers technical needs. This role was highly time sensitive as a number of major projects were booked in with this new architect’s participation required.

Our Solution: We were able to use our specialist broadcast media technologist contact network in the US to quickly identify and headhunt 5 candidates with both the required technical skillset as well as the client facing soft skills needed for success.

The Outcome: Of the 5 candidates shortlisted we were able to quickly identify a preferred choice and fast track them through the process; resulting in an offer, acceptance and start date in time for the major scheduled projects.

“We are always deeply impressed by how professionally the neuco team works with us. It is not only a matter of delivering professionally suitable profiles, but also of presenting us with candidates who bring significant added value to the team, not only professionally but also personally for our company. 

The entire process, from matching our requirements to assisting us in submitting an offer, is always highly professional and very satisfactory.  

We are very happy to have neuco as a partner at our side, who always provides us with all-round advice and support, especially for positions that are difficult to fill.”

“Tim was very helpful throughout the whole process.

While I was still focusing on my current job, he would schedule the meetings and call me to discuss ahead of time.

Tim is always very straightforward; understands the needs of candidates and what they are looking for in their future careers.

He is always ready to answer my questions very quickly or follow up on any questions or concerns I have.

And the best thing – he got me the job!”

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