Building New Specialist Support Teams at Short Notice

  • Location: India, South Africa
  • Sector: Satellite & Space
  • Job Title: Global Customer Support Specialist
  • Service Provided: Multihire
  • Shortlist timeframe: 2 sets of 4 simultaneous positions with 2 weeks to shortlist, 4 candidates per role
  • Project brief to closure: 8 hires over 5 Months

Specialist Support Team

The challenge: The client was establishing new customer facing support teams located in multiple countries that required candidates with satellite communications experience while also meeting strict language. This proved a challenge for them to find both the skill set and language requirements across multiple candidates at quite short notice.

Our solution: We created a dedicated 3-person team to source, screen and deliver candidates ensuring that both technical and language skill sets would be asses prior to 1st round interviews with the clients. In addition, we acted as advisors and go-betweens during the complicated offering and onboarding process helping with international employment issues, complications due to local bureaucracy etc. all while maintaining a positive experience for the candidates.

The outcome: Over 2 sprints, one for each country, we were able to deliver high quality candidate shortlists at a ratio of four candidates for every one role and ultimately secure eight accepted offers of employment. The feedback from the client highlighted the greatly increased technical skill they had seen amongst our candidates in comparison to other sources they had used in the past.


“Working with neuco has been a great experience, we needed to hire a new team that was in multiple countries and asked neuco to help with our recruiting.  They spent time talking through what qualities, experience and skills we were looking for and homed in on identifying candidates that would work well on our team based on our feedback. neuco clearly spent a lot of time finding the right candidates and the information they include that they put together based on the pre-screening with the candidate included with the candidate resume is extremely helpful and timesaving.    The team at neuco are fun to work with and are great communicators with fast turnarounds to any question or request and keep in close contact with the candidates throughout the process.  Working with neuco has saved our team countless hours in the recruiting process and helped us to hire an experienced team that our customers are going to be impressed with!”


“neuco are experts in recruiting people in the broadcast & satellite industry. They differ from others in the recruitment industry with their in-depth knowledge. For me, opportunity knocks the door through neuco, Tim & Tegan had given me a great opportunity to work with one of the top companies in satellite services with an unexpected package . I would always recommend neuco to anyone in need of a new job.”

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