The Rolodex candidate.

  • Location: West Coast, USA
  • Sector: Content & Media
  • Job Title: Client Director
  • Service Provided: Specialist recruitment via our TARGET model
  • Shortlist timeframe: 3 weeks, 5 candidates shortlisted for interview
  • Project brief to closure: 7 weeks

The Rolodex candidate

The challenge: Identify and subsequently headhunt into a niche group of senior sales executives in the media space, who have an extremely specific set of contacts. Rolodex was key for this search, the suitable sales individual must have solid connections and experience of selling into certain groups within several high profile, global media giants. There would only be a finite number of suitable individuals in the United States.

Our solution: A thorough approach was required. As such, through our understanding of the market, we identified all companies who are already selling to the target companies. From there we engaged in a very personalised headhunting process, targeting the individuals identified as likely selling into the client target accounts. This approach included individual videos detailing the opportunity, our client and why it would suit their skillset and upwards career mobility. Further to this, in some instances we leveraged referrals through our network, this further added legitimacy to our approach and our client and ultimately increased overall enticement and captivation.

The outcome: We were able to successfully identify and headhunt an individual who perfectly matched our client’s very specific brief. We then began the process of keeping the individual informed throughout the process, working in tandem with the hiring manager to ensure all possibilities were covered, ultimately leading to their acceptance of the offer.


“We knew going in that this would be a highly-nuanced and difficult search for neuco. The extremely specific set of skills and rolodex required by this individual meant that we had no time to conduct this search ourselves and as such knew we needed the help of expert head-hunters in this industry. For neuco to find and secure this individual in good time is really a testament to their ability to find and deliver the best people for the job.


“neuco were very attentive to my needs and the overall process throughout. I felt comfortable in leaving no detail unspoken and no question unasked, this allowed us to move collectively towards a desirable outcome where all parties involved were satisfied.”

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