When Plan A failed, Plan B to the rescue!

  • Location: UK
  • Sector: Satellite & NewSpace
  • Job Title: Channel Partner Director
  • Service Provided: React
  • Shortlist timeframe: 2 weeks for 1st shortlist, 4 days for the 2nd, 11 sent in total across 2 shortlists
  • Project brief to closure: 4 months total, but 4 weeks from candidate declining to new candidate accepting

When Plan A failed, Plan B to the rescue!

The Challenge: Initially, the position was of critical importance to this business’s ambition of growing its distribution partner network, but the real challenge came when our first candidate rejected the offer and we needed to react exceptionally quickly to get the role filled before quarter end.

Our Solution: Upon recognising the candidates’ decision to not accept, we gathered 3 of the team at neuco to maximise resource capability. We worked as many hours as a day had to find some creative options and share a second shortlist within 4 days of that decision.

The Outcome: Within that shortlist, all 5 candidates were quickly interviewed by the business and a favourite was quickly identified who we helped manage through the process resulting in a successful completion within 4 weeks of our first qualification call. Most importantly, the role was filled before quarter end!

“Finding the right mix of skills and experience within a specialised industry is always extremely challenging, combine that with a candidate who has high energy, enthusiasm and pizazz and the objective almost seems unachievable. I have had the pleasure of working with neuco’s highly professional team in the past and yet again they have left no stone unturned to find the right person with the right talent to precisely meet our recruitment needs. My thanks to the team. Until next time….”

“Working with Tom at Neuco has been an absolute pleasure. I was kept well informed of the recruiting process and given feedback on the progress at each stage. In addition, I was given tips on interview techniques and questions, as well as being reassured on the timescales to move to the next stage. Tom acted professionally and ensured that the role was the right fit for both parties, as well as clearly understing the needs of both parties in the process. As this is not my first time working with Neuco, I would wholeheartedly be happy to recommend them”

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