A sales leader for an MNO focused business unit

  • Location: Washington DC Metro Area, US
  • Sector: Connectivity
  • Job Title: Managing Sales Director
  • Service Provided: React
  • Shortlist timeframe: Shortlist of 5 delivered within a 2 week period
  • Project brief to closure: 3 months from qualification to close

A sales leader for an MNO focused business unit

The Challenge: This role required specific telco sales experience with a proven track record in leading a team. It was a challenge for the client as they don’t utilise outbound recruitment, and their job advert wasn’t bringing in the right type of individual.

Our solution: We leveraged our network in the connectivity and MNO ecosystem to provide candidates with relevant industry contacts and sales experience.

The outcome: A sales leader with the right background and experience was hired into the role after a diligent recruitment process.


“We are delighted to get the candidate over the line, they are exceptional, particularly from a cultural perspective. neuco really understood our company culture which was paramount to a successful hire.”

“Since working with neuco, our activity picked up, and our weekly calls really helped drive things forward. neuco kept us honest and on track and the flow was coming in.”

“The team at neuco are transparent and open, giving expectations before, and feedback after the interview. The initial introduction call and subsequent interview preparation was insightful and something I haven’t seen before. I was able to feel more confident going into the meeting, knowing that the preparation was complete.”

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