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  • How can the Broadcast Media Industry have a positive impact on the Environment?
  • Joining us on episode 48 of The Tech That Connects Us was Darren Long Group Operations Transformation Design CT&I for […]

  • Is the Cyber Security industry getting cloud security wrong?
  • Joining us on episode 47 of The Tech That Connects Us was Trish Cagliostro Head of Worldwide Alliances at Wiz. […]

  • What’s the current state of the new space market right now?
  • Joining us on episode 46 of The Tech That Connects Us was Sascha Deri CEO at bluShift Aerospace. Sascha joined […]

  • What can the satellite industry take from the mobile device space?
  • Joining us on episode 45 of The Tech That Connects Us is John Kinney VP of Quality Assurance with Intelsat. […]

  • What can the connectivity industry and everything associated with being connected learn from its past?
  • Episode 44 of The Tech That Connects us saw Omae Qaise the Founder and CEO of OQ Technology join Laurie Scott and […]

  • Is diversity and inclusion at the top of your agenda?
  • Diversity and inclusion is one of the most important ethical and strategic priorities for businesses in 2021, but is it […]

  • What are the biggest challenges to the TV industry and video industry moving forward?
  • On episode 43 of The Tech That Connects Us John Clifton and Tim Meredith were joined by Nuno Sanches, General Manager for […]

  • What are the Emerging Marketing Trends Within Cyber?
  • On episode 42 of The Tech That Connects Us John Clifton and Jake Sparkes were joined by global Cyber marketing expert Reuben Braham.  […]

  • The Disruptiveness of Kubernetes.
  • On Episode 41 of The Tech That Connects Us John Clifton and Dan Jeffery were joined by Subha Shrinivasan Senior Director, Customer Success […]

  • What’s in Store for Television Studios and Live Audiences?
  • On Episode 40 of The Tech That Connects Us John Clifton and William Trenchard were joined by Andrew Moultrie CEO at BBC Studioworks.  A […]

  • What is the Future of Broadcasting?
  • On episode 38 of The Tech That Connects Us Podcast John Clifton interviewed Mohammed Akhlaq, Chief Technology Officer, ITN.  In his storied career, Mohammed played a key role […]

  • Augmented Reality and Full 360 are the future of Content
  • On episode 37 of The Tech That Connects Us Podcast John Clifton interviewed Pedro Bandeira, Vice President Product and New Business, Europe, Deutsche […]

  • How COVID is shifting typical hierarchal structures.
  • On episode 32 of The Tech That Connects Us Podcast John Clifton and Tegan Lloyd Williams interviewed Nancy Goldberg, Chief Marketing […]

  • The Future of Content is AI & Metadata
  • On Episode 31 of The Tech That Connects Us John Clifton and Will Trenchard sat down with the passionate Matt Westrup, VP […]

  • neuco to host Space Café United Kingdom
  • neuco will be hosting the upcoming Space Café United Kingdom, diving deep into many topics including the UK Space Industry. […]

  • UNICORN-UCOPIA. – $1bn Cyber Valuations we’ve seen this year
  • Investors have been chomping at the bit so far in 2021, creating a record-breaking* 12 galloping Unicorns to fight global […]

  • The Importance of the ‘Permission to Have Downtime’
  • One of our most passionate, enjoyable, and fun podcasts to date was with former EVP Human Resources, SES Networks, Dara […]

  • Lessons on Leadership from Lawo COO Jamie Dunn
  • We recently interviewed Jamie Dunn, COO of Lawo pioneering IP-based video and audio technology company for broadcast production, on an […]

  • Tegan Lloyd Williams – ‘Wondering am I good enough to loving the Tech Tribe’
  • “Tremendous amounts of talent are being lost to our society just because that talent wears a skirt.” Shirley Chisholm.  Shirley […]

  • Companies to watch in the Satellite and Space Technology Markets 2021
  • In the ever-changing and fast-paced market of Satellite and Space Technology, there are many start-ups and businesses making amazing strides […]

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