Building a Division of Satellite Experts

  • Location: US
  • Sector: Satellite & Space
  • Job Title: Multiple senior engineering, technical and commercial satellite & space positions
  • Service Provided: Multihire/team build
  • Shortlist timeframe: 10 weeks
  • Project brief to closure: 5 hires in 3 months

A Team of Satellite Experts

The challenge: To build, from the ground up, a senior team of satellite individuals from engineering, technical and commercial backgrounds, for an exciting space start-up. These individuals will need to have the gravitas to join a company at an early stage in their journey and play a fundamental role in growing the company, through shaping their divisions and leading in their respective areas of expertise. 

Our solution: Leveraging our extensive satellite and space network built over many years, alongside harnessing our understanding of the market to conduct a targeted headhunting campaign, speaking with senior individuals from identified companies and divisions and selling them the vision of this exciting start-up.  

The outcome: Successfully brought in the individuals to lead in their respective areas of constellation design, space systems design, technology deployment, business development and more. The individuals were successfully onboarded in time to continue along the planned timeline of company development. 


“neuco were able to find multiple individuals who had the necessary experience to play a critical role in driving forward the development of the company. From engineering to commercial, they knew not just the professional skillset required for these multiple hires but also the personality needed to join a start-up and build something great. “


“Laurie and the neuco team are driven for excellence, and they are there every step of the way. From background info to creative approaches to closing the deal, you can count on neuco to get the job done. In a field where many stick out for their lack of knowledge and commitment, neuco continue to push the envelope.”

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