An MSS evangelist and Leader of BD.

  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Sector: Cyber Security
  • Job Title: Director of MSS Development
  • Service Provided: Specialist recruitment via our Commit model
  • Shortlist timeframe: 1 week, 8 Candidates shortlisted for interview
  • Project brief to closure: 7 weeks

An MSS evangelist and Leader of BD

The challenge:
Our client needed a security leader able to engage at peer-level with CISOs as a thought leader and technology evangelist – with the right business brain to drive the commercial growth of the MSS segment in a competitive space. It was critical that they also have an engineering background and direct ‘hands-on’ experience of managing an MSSP, and stakeholders differed slightly on the exact balance of skills required. It was clear there were only a finite pool of people who could fit the brief.

Our solution: Having qualified the role in great detail, we were able to consult with the client to refine the brief and core criteria. Leveraging our longstanding existing networks within the Swiss security space, neuco was able to rapidly delivered qualified profiles. With initial interviews ongoing, we undertook an extensive mapping of the regional MSS marketplace to identify key players and build organisational charts. A bespoke headhunting approach was adopted coupled with a thorough screening process.

The outcome: A total of eight candidates were delivered for the role, and after extensive interviewing a successful candidate emerged (with a backup ‘in case’ for good measure).


“There were times during the process when it felt like departments were pulling in different directions and no one person could ever meet this ‘wish list’ of criteria. neuco’s detailed processes, consultation and market insight helped us to identify what mattered most and to be decisive once we’d found the correct individual.”


“neuco were very professional, attentive, accurate and communicated very directly and correctly throughout the entire recruitment process. They supported me perfectly throughout the process and always kept me up to date. There are many headhunters and intermediaries in the cybersecurity sector who try to negotiate the recruitment process in a very clumsy way. neuco definitely does not belong to this group of mediators, and have clearly proven that such negotiations can be done very professionally. neuco truly did a fabulous job, I would always recommend them and work with them again without hesitation.”

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