Gateway specialist, closed.

  • Location: California, USA
  • Sector: Content & Media
  • Job Title: Principal Embedded Software Developer
  • Service Provided: Specialist recruitment via our REACT model
  • Shortlist timeframe: 3 weeks, 5 Candidates shortlisted for interview
  • Project brief to closure: 9 weeks

Gateway specialist, closed.

The challenge:
Find an extremely senior developer with solid experience in highly specific areas relating to embedded device software development. This individual would join a small, select team of very senior software developers – individuals who elsewhere would be leading teams themselves. A highly difficult search due to team seniority and very specific technical requirements of the role.

Our solution: Due to our detailed understanding of the tech stack and industry, we were able to search using terms related to, but not specifically referencing, the core requirements. What this allowed was for a far more thorough search, going much deeper than a standard ‘keyword bingo’ search ever could, thus ensuring that interesting profiles who may normally not show up, were not slipping through the net.

The outcome: We were successful in delivering an individual who had the technical expertise and personality necessary to join such a senior team. With major growth and projects in the pipeline for this client, it was of paramount importance that their most senior development team gained another individual.


“We had a very tough Gateway Development role in our Sunnyvale, CA office that needed to be filled and neuco was happy to take on the challenge. Although the role was hard to fill, neuco didn’t give up, kept on searching and ultimately delivered a strong candidate that was hired directly after his first interview. Thank you guys for the hard work!”


“It has been a great pleasure working with Ewan to land this job with the client. The approach Ewan took to first contact me through a short video on LinkedIn is very creative and it helped me to consider exploring the opportunity. Ewan was very helpful throughout the interview process, clearly explaining the opportunity and what kind of experience the company is looking for. Ewan was very well organized and clearly communicated with me by giving proper heads up throughout the entire process. Thank you, Ewan, for finding the right opportunity and subsequent help during the entire process.”

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