Global Sales Team recruited in 2 months.

  • Location: UK and US
  • Sector: Connectivity
  • Job Title: Global Sales team – Account Manager, Business Development Manager, Channel Sales Manager
  • Service Provided: Multihire/RPO
  • Shortlist timeframe: 2 weeks
  • Project brief to closure: 5 people hired in the space of 9 weeks

Global Sales Team recruited in 2 months

The challenge:
following a significant investment into this business, they were now looking to quickly and aggressively grow their sales team in the UK and US. Recruitment started the week before Christmas and they were looking to close all hires by end of February.

Our solution: we knew the attributes that made a successful salesperson in this sector, so we aggressively headhunted into competitive businesses to identify their top performing sales staff and then screened them to ensure their suitability for this businesses family-orientated culture.

Given this was BD hunters as well as farmer/builders for some of their key accounts, we reacted quickly when screening candidates to make sure they were shortlisted against the role that would suit them, and our client, best.

The outcome: 5 candidates were successfully brought onto the team with the first starting at the end of January, and the rest in mid-February. As with any salespeople, the proof is in the pudding and we are delighted to say that all 5 have way exceeded target over their first year!


“Tom and I had known each other through the industry, but I only recently had the chance to work with him – which has been (and continues to be) an extreme pleasure. I already understood the degree of industry knowledge he held, as well as his tireless work ethic and infectious enthusiasm, but what I didn’t know was that he would become a partner that cared as much about my business as he did his own (and along those same lines, his candidates). His efforts have truly helped me move my organization forward. Tom definitely gets results in the near term, but most importantly, he establishes relationships that are far longer lasting. Thanks, Tom!”


“Tom received my name from a previous client and in 1 day Tom reached out to me to discuss my background and potential opportunities. Tom is extremely professional, organized, connected, and responsive. Tom’s level of enthusiasm is astonishing. If you are looking for someone to work for you Tom is your specialist. Keep in mind that Tom looks to place individuals in positions that are a fit for a long-term haul and not a spot filler. Thanks Tom!!!”

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