The first boots on the ground to lead the Korean & Japanese Business!

  • Location: South Korea
  • Sector: Content & Media
  • Job Title: Sales & Business Development Director
  • Service Provided: React
  • Shortlist timeframe: 2 weeks, 6 candidates
  • Project brief to closure: 6 hires over 7 months

The first boots on the ground to lead the Korean & Japanese Business!

The Challenge: As this organisation explosively grew and expanded, they needed someone to be the first boots on the ground in South Korea, to focus on building out their South Korean & Japanese business, to work as a Senior leader to build up the business almost from scratch. In this particular case, they also needed strong local language skills, and local market knowledge to help them better operate in South Korea.

Our Solution: We were very quickly able to get in touch with people within our network in South Korea, and as a result of this, were able to provide a shortlist of 6 candidates, all with varying levels of experience and expertise. As South Korea is a very niche market, we were keen to provide the client with all possible options.

The Outcome: As a result, the chosen candidate is now successfully spearheading the growth and development of this business’s technical solutions across the South Korean & Japanese markets and is thoroughly enjoying it!! So much so, that this client is now having to hire an individual to help support the growing business!


“As we were hiring in new markets where the company has limited branding and no legal entity, we decided that the best approach would be to use neuco’s expertise, as based on past experience of neuco, we found that it was the best outcome for the company and the candidate.”

“There were areas on hiring where neuco was upfront on the challenges and gave realistic feedback on expectations, and when there is convergence on the expectations, after a few discussions the pipeline of candidates matched the expectations. And as such, we’re looking forward to growing the team as business picks up.”

“It was great to know Henry, he is one of the best recruiters! He updates quickly and is always willing to help me. Working with Henry was a really excellent experience moving to a new career.”

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