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Senior Consultant

Jake Sparkes


Jake leads the Cyber Security division at neuco, focused on delivering expert talent globally. He’s worked on high profile assignments for a range of vendors, Enterprise customers and MSSPs across senior commercial, engineering and technical specialisms – particularly enjoying the cut and thrust of fast-growing pre-IPO businesses. In addition, Jake works across our other core sectors where his specific Cyber Security experience can benefit our clients

A chartered manager with a background in sales and training, he works in close partnership with clients to deliver exceptional individuals who truly fit the culture of the organisation.


Since a becoming a proud father a couple of years ago, Jake’s been rather busy – though still finds time to regale (or bore depending on who you ask!) his daughter with tales of winning the local poker league…

What they say about Jake…

“Jake showed a high level of professionalism, empathy and understanding of a job position. He fully grasped then description of the function and was able to match my skills with the work, managing the entire relationship, beginning to end and guided me through the selection process successfully. I highly recommend Jakes abilities in “job matching” especially for complex functions.”

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