The Indian Cyber Start-Up Scene 

This post was written by: Jake Sparkes

On our first episode of The Cyber Security Matters Podcast, we were delighted to be joined by Girish Redekar, Co-Founder of Sprinto.  

His trajectory is incredible – from starting, scaling, and exiting RecruiterBox through to now growing Sprinto, all in less than a decade. 

We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we did recording it.  

Why is India such a major innovation hub for the startup/cybersecurity space? 

“Great question. So, I’m definitely not an expert in the area. But basically, whatever I know, is just viscerally connecting with other Founders that I see in the ecosystem.  

And one of the things that’s really happening in India, is that there is a sudden exponential increase in just the sheer number of startups that you see in the space. They’ve entered mainstream, so to speak. So, you take a national daily and there’s basically a page which is dedicated to startups and the funding rounds that have happened and what’s going on over there.  

So, I remember the time when we started our previous company, which was back in 2008. And I didn’t know that what I was doing was a startup, we thought we were just doing a business and the word startup hadn’t entered our vocabulary yet.  

Fast-forward to about 14 years later, it’s really definitely entered the mainstream. You know, mindspace people talk about it, it’s very common – my neighbour next door in my apartment is another startup founder.  

Especially in some places like Bangalore and Pune and Gurgaon and some places, there are startup hubs, and it’s very common for you to find startups over there. And that sort of brushes over any aspect of startups. So, you have a very thriving consumer startup business. But we have a lot of b2b startups as well.  

And that touches on cybersecurity as well. So, I’m seeing a lot of interesting Cybersecurity startups coming from in the country, including those who are working in spaces like privacy. Some of them were working in spaces related to password protection, and so on, so forth. Therefore, that sort of grabs on to pretty much all the spaces that you can think of that makes sense in a b2b software scenario!” 

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