IBC 2023!

IBC 2023 and its over 43,000 attendants were able to enjoy the ever-evolving landscape of the broadcast and media industry, with an increase of 16% when compared to last year. The neuco team itself has been growing, and our own Tegan Valeny participated in the DPP panel, discussing the impact of peak remote working.

Being my first ever trade show, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to see all the tech in person and getting to know industry experts, demonstrating the importance of building long-lasting relationships throughout the industry.

The most prominent conversations included talks of monetisation, sustainability, and, of course – AI! Throughout the industry, media organisations are not only honing in how to drive profitability but also how AI can be used to affect monetisation, through personalised advertising and user targeting.

As well as this, sustainability seemed to be a bigger topic than in previous years, with various companies engaging with this by making their video streaming platforms climate-conscious.

Not only was this my first time ever attending a trade show, but also Amsterdam – this was truly a trip of new beginnings! The architecture, canal and general atmosphere of Amsterdam was fantastic, as was the food and the laughs we shared throughout the neuco team.

As a whole, IBC 2023 was fantastic. Being a history fanatic, I am keen to see how IBC 2024 will be different, what topics will become more relevant, and to see how the industry will expand!