Satellite & NewSpace

Senior Consultant

Ewan Lawrenson


Extremely passionate about the industries he works in and genuinely enthusiastic about getting to know people, Ewan relishes the opportunity to learn, engage and deliver. He specialises in the Satellite & NewSpace and Content & Media arenas and demonstrates an impressive ability to not only pick up technologies very quickly but also, importantly, deliver top tier talent in great time.

Ewan joined neuco from an early career in sales and marketing where he got a real sense of enjoyment speaking to a wide variety of people. He has a genuine enthusiasm for getting to know people and is looking forward to working with candidates globally to find them their dream career move.


Away from neuco, Ewan is a music buff whose favourite band is XTC. Not a day goes by where he isn’t listening to music, and when he’s the last in the office you can expect the radio to be tuned to Radio 6 and turned up to 11! He is a lifelong Chelsea fan, an avid follower of boxing and a professional crisp eater.

What they say about Ewan…

“It has been a great pleasure working with Ewan to land this job with the client. The approach Ewan took to first contact me through a short video is very creative and it helped me to consider exploring the opportunity. Ewan was very helpful throughout the interview process, clearly explaining the opportunity and what kind of experience the company is looking for. Ewan was very well organised and clearly communicated with me by giving proper heads up throughout the entire process. Thank you, Ewan, for finding the right opportunity and subsequent help during the entire process.”

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